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DepthQ® Precision 3D Technology

DepthQ / Lightspeed Design, Inc. has been a worldwide leader in stereoscopic 3D for thirty years, successfully commercializing landmark hardware and software technologies such as the DepthQ Polarization Modulator & CineBright™ 3D Light Recycler products for 3D digital cinema, the DepthQ stereoscopic projector, and the DepthQ family of 3D media software.

DepthQ is a respected stereoscopic technology brand trusted by the most discerning clientele, and assisting in a wide range of disciplines - from 3D digital cinema to virtual reality...from screening rooms to pharmaceutical visualization...from surgical support systems to 3D film production.

Our proven expertise has helped deliver a cutting-edge 3D experience to millions worldwide. We're proud of what we've accomplished, and look forward to helping you delight, captivate, educate or inspire millions more.


NASA, Walt Disney Imagineering, DreamWorks Animation SKG, Microsoft, NHK, Pfizer Inc, Roche, US Army, Bell Helicopter, Intuitive Surgical, St. Josephs Hospital Atlanta, Roswell Park Cancer Institute, Clinique Générale-Beaulieu (Geneva), Hospimed, Inc., University of Washington, Stanford, Rutgers...


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DepthQ® 3D products are used across a wide spectrum of industrial applications worldwide

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