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Custom 3D Installations
DepthQ®/ Lightspeed Design, Inc. has been engineering and installing 3D Theaters and Industrial Visualization Centers since 1997, with dozens to our credit.

While technology has surged forward since that first installation, Lightspeed has kept pace by constantly testing new innovations and actively developing 3D projection and software technologies. Our extensive knowledge creating immersive 3D theaters, paired with hands-on involvement in developing the industry, means reliable performance and satisfied audiences.

Lightspeed is an authorized reseller of top quality visualization products including the Christie Digital Mirage Stereoscopic projectors, Stewart and Da-Lite projection screens, Xpand 3D eyewear, and Navitar Conversion Lenses.

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Industrial Visualization Centers

Installations include visualization centers for Pfizer Pharmaceutical, Parsons Brinckerhoff (Seattle & LA), and Bell Helicopter Textron.

3D Cinemas/Theater Installations

Installations include 3D Theaters for DNA Productions, Discovery Science Center, Continental, Ford, and the government of Portugal.

520-seat Custom 3D Installation for the country of Portugal

DepthQ® is the stereoscopic 3D technology brand of Lightspeed Design, Inc.
Stereoscopic Products are exclusively distributed by Lightspeed Design, Inc.


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DepthQ® is the stereoscopic 3D technology brand of Lightspeed Design, Inc.
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